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Amazing not for beginners

One of the best apps for logo design, great on iPad.

Love the concept, but...

I love the simplicity of this app. I’m a graphic designer and I’ve used it to create quick mockups for clients before creating the final product in Illustrator. I love the simplicity of the interface, but there are a few features that seem obvious to have but are lacking. - Landscape support is a must. It’s difficult to comfortably manipulate graphics when you’re completely restricted to portrait mode. - A simple duplicate function. I’d like to be able to easily duplicate text and objects. If these features are added, I could see myself utilizing this app much more often for my projects.

Large database

Wish there was an option for canvas size and transparency. I’ve been able to in the past create transparent images, but with all of the changes on the app and iOS, even if I save without a background, it is ever present and persistent. I’d love to see that changed at the bare minimum to go back up in rating. Help?


DO NOT PURCHASE I thought this app would help me create a logo and they lied it does not please save your $5.00 dollars its not worth the money it didn’t do anything but let me scribble I could have done that on a free app companies like this are terrible I’m so very upset I spent my money what a waste

Would be awesome but..... please update now!!

Needs to be done in layers. Every time you try to stack designs you always wind up deleting or moving other images or text. This is a phone app... we all have fat fingers. Impossible to be precise. I am so close to getting what I want out of it. Just modify it to where we can design in stages and this would be the coolest app I have used. Great idea. Not very well thought out execution. Please make a desktop version or update this app to not be the most frustrating thing known to man. Tons of reviews asking for the same improvements.

It's awesome

This app is incredible

Zero stars

Looking to design a logo… Skip this app… I'd love a refund but we all know that won't happen. All it has are some fonts and a simple interface not worth $5.00

Jon b

I'm very disappointed

Love this app!!!

The design is cool and clean and I love the fonts!

Save option messes up image

When I go to save the image things that are on top of each other shift. I shouldn't have to compensate for this error when creating the image. Plus there is no way to duplicate a image inside the project. And no way to pull up and edit a past project.

Amazing... maybe not for logos.

As a logo designing app, it's missing important features like custom canvas sizing, HD exporting, and latching and centering and features like that. But as a play to draw ideas from and move onto another platform. It gives you a lot of sparks in a short period of time! I love it.

So far so good

Good to go so far!

Good Icon App

This here is a very good icon app but Add Some More Cool things to it

Great for Beginners

This app is great for what I'm trying to accomplish as a beginner getting my business logo together but the alignment was difficult to center. Seeing that it's a paid app, that would be a nice perk!

Lover of Icona 😌

Icona has been like my side kick with starting up my businesses. I'm a business woman and I've always wanted to have my own customized logos for those businesses. I've tried a few other logo making apps and Icona is the absolute best one. Thanks Icona!

Great app

Worth it.


Would be nice if more unique fonts could be added but i like it no complaints

The BeSt

If you are looking for a cheap logo app this most definitely does the job.

Good app, BUT, needs improvement...

UPDATE : images export blurry, needs fix ASAP! Also, have an option for different canvas sizes. I am an aspiring graphic designer, and this app boasts a wide range of options to help spark my creative abilities. There are just some things I would like to see in a future update. 1) The ability to sync to iCloud, or create an account so the work we do within the app is not lost. 2) Allow us to save what searches that we like so we don't have to keep scrolling to find them again. 3) The brush feature is something I haven't seen or noticed in different logo making apps. However, there needs to be zoom capability. Even using a stylus would be difficult to color in our logos. 4) The ability to add textures to our masterpieces would be wonderful. All in all, this is a great app. But like all apps, there are flaws and are room for improvement, although this one hits pretty close to home. By far, the best logo making app I have used.

Not a tool for professionals.

The single most important feature in logo design is missing. The text and logos do not snap into place and there are no markings to properly align anything. If you're a graphic designer curious about tools outside of the adobe family you can skip this one. You can't sell the logos you create. As far as creating for yourself if you're a professional or looking to use this for your own business I would skip this. Besides the fact that text and logos don't snap into place you also can't send things front to back. There are no layers. The single most annoying thing about this app is that once you add text and pictures. Resizing and selecting the boxes is a mess. It's frustrating and impossible and everything overlaps. Since nothing snaps into place this makes alignment impossible. In conclusion this is a waste of money that attempts to simplify logo making and leaves out key features.


Works great!

Great App!

I love it, I just need a couple of additions. The ability to flip icons would be great. The ability to manipulate the fonts, like clip them or join them together would be great as well. Also, a "snap to grid" feature would set this app apart from everything. Overall, it's an awesome app!

Love it

Quick and easy, especially for what I need it for.

Not bad for the money

Decent amount of font styles. Needs to be a way to flip the clip art to mirror it. Works well for beginners for sure.


After wasting money on two different logo apps; I was very unsure about doing a blind purchase one more time. The other two felt very very flat. This one exceeded my expectations! It has tons of clipart which helps stimulate the creative process. It will give you a lot to choose from so that your logo will not look like everybody else's! My logo can be viewed on my Instagram page if you are curious what can be achieved with this app. @themelodynails

Stopped working!!!

I could type anything even after having it for months and now it just won't search anything that I put in even when I type things I've had before it just says try another keyword

Great app

They have a lot of cool fonts and icons to use and it's pretty straight forward. Does seem a bit pricy for the app unless you plan to use it all the time.

Perfect tool to try out ideas

I love to use this to try out some design ideas and on occasion it becomes a final logo design. Absolutely essential!

Very good so far

I like it a lot so far. Just some functionality bugs but other than that it's great


So far it is a grate tool for me to get my ideas in a form the graphic designer can see them... five stars!!!


Love this app it's easy and very helpful

Absolutely love it!

I have a free app where I was making a logo, and I liked it, but it didn't have quite what I was looking for. So I bit the bullet and paid the money for this one. It was absolutely worth the money! It's easy to use and looks great! Very glad I got it.

Love this app!

Perfect for beginner photography editors. Really easy to use. Love that you can save it without the background so it saves to your photo perfectly.


I love this app

Great, with room for improvement

There are a few tools that are missing, like bringing items to front or sending to the back, but it's a great app though


Nifty program for brainstorming logo designs on a mobile device. Has a few quirks but is definitely worth the money. My kids would rather use ICONA to bring their ideas to life than watch tv... which says a lot about its ease of use.

5 Star App

Lots of ways to customize your design.

So good

Um sooo good.

Great app


Very Disappointed

I was really excited about this app until I realized every single time I saved a project, the design would be all over the place. The layout was lost!!! When you save It also doesn't give you saving options like png, PDF, or others. I contacted them to ask for help and I got no answer.

Floating text

The app icons are great. The problem is that every time I save a design, the text floats to the right.


Such a simple, yet effective, icon/logo app. Easy export to transparent .png, making it possible to bring into other software. Never use clipart again -- use icons via Icona for a more professional look.

So very close

It's a lot of fun to play around with this. It's a couple updates away from being 5 stars for me. Here are my recommendations: 1. While you can import an image from your roll to incorporate into a logo, you cannot resize it, so it's pretty pointless to do so (as of right now). 2. It would be nice to be able to choose the output file format. 3. I'd like names of fonts (rather than "abc") to make them easier to find. 4. It would be nice to be able to curve/warp the text. On the plus side, there is a ton of clip art, lots of fonts, a helpful grid for alignment...pretty cool. You can have a nice little logo in minutes.


Best graphic design app available

Best icon creator app!!

I've used a various number of icon/logo creator apps. This app by far has the best selection of icons to create your logo and is very user friendly!!! Very pleased.


I have made many logos with app and I'm no graphic designer. It's got a great selection of images that you can find through keyword search. It also has a myriad of GREAT fonts! I could create logos all day long with this app.

Need some work

A good app, but every time I save a logo, the design is never in the same place. Very frustrating need to be fixed asap Should add more features as well like arching and etc.

Great logo design tool. Export a little buggy

Really great and flexible logo design tool. You can definitely create something that is special and not generic. I experienced some bugs with saving and exporting on my iPad Air. For creatives with Photoshop this isn't a big deal, but for folks without this level of experience it might not be the right app for you.

Designers and Developers MUST BUY

If you don't get this app your creative juices will dry up and your brittle formerly creative brain will be dust in the wind

So. I have potential, but...

I'm glad I got this for free because like many note, this is very unusable. Obviously artists will be able to figure it out. ("Scaling" font is a two-finger pinch/zoom action), but after creating the most perfect logo, you can't save it! My only hope is to take a screen shot and then manipulate in a photo editor. Very disappointing! For those that paid for it, anything more than $0.99 and they got robbed...

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